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About Turkey

Turkey is a Eurasian country located in the Middle East where a part of the land is in Europe and the other in Asia. The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This country is surrounded on three sides by the sea and it is connected to the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west and is neighbors with Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Iraq and Syria by land. Turkey’s largest province is Istanbul, which is the world’s third tourist center and is favored by the Europeans, the Americans and Russian tourists. The pulse of the Turkish economy is mostly beating in Istanbul; therefore, the majority of investments such as industry and housing are grouped in this city. Istanbul, which has the ancient history of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, is home to many touristic places that the world tourism offers.

Textile manufacture and famous clothing brands are another source of income of Turkey and Istanbul is the center for all of these brands.

Turkey is dominated by democracy, all religions are free in the real sense and all religions are respected evenly. The Turkish people are extremely warm and hospitable with their cultural similarity with the Iranian people. Women get their husbands surname after marriage and culturally pre-marriage families welcome their children’s relationships. Music and artistic development in Turkey are impressive. Not having any restrictions on music, cinema and artistic works are due to the democratic maturity of Turkey. Politicians in this country adhere to these democratic principles.

Istanbul and Turkey is not too expensive in terms of rent. The tenants are considered homeowners if acting in accordance with moral principles and with the consent of the property owner and the average rent in one bedroom house is 1.200 TL and above and it varies according to the state and location of the real estate.

The institutions and organizations in Turkey are subject to democracy, it is tolerant towards all cultures, religions and sects cannot intervene in politics and everyone lives freely in a democratic way as they wish. The government is determined to protect the rights of its citizens and to ensure social order and subjected to Atatürk’s principles.

The population of Turkey is over 80 million and Istanbul is the city that is the most densely populated and the center of the economy. According to the predictions of the Statistical Institute, it is estimated that Turkey’s population will reach 100 million until 2040.

Since Istanbul is different from other cities due to its urbanization, prosperity and economic development, King Real Estate Group has opened a Branch only in Istanbul and recommends only Istanbul for your investments.

Education is free in state schools and universities in Turkey, but for those who prefer international colleges has to bear the tuition fees. Tuition fees estimated to vary between 10,000 and 40,000 TL depending on the level of education and department preferences.

Health and treatment costs are very low if insured. Annual insurance expenses are also not very high. The coverage of reputable insurance companies is quite wide.

The population of Istanbul is around 16 million and its surface area is 5343 km2. (The surface area of Tehran is 700 km2). Istanbul has seven times more surface area than Tehran.

The average humidity in Istanbul is 44% and in Tehran this rate is 79%.

The existence of Istanbul’s own (private) coastline is one of the features of this mega city.

It has Marmara Sea and Black Sea coastlines. As it is known, this coastline is considered as the most expensive real estate location.

In terms of health, Turkey’s Health Index is at very good level according to the report of the World Health Organization. Some medical departments are developing resplendently; especially Istanbul has world-famous cancer diagnostic centers. The treatment centers of Anatolian city hospitals hold the world’s largest cancer centers. According to the statements of the state officials, the city hospital with 500- intensive care bed hospital in Istanbul will be the largest hospital in Europe.

Food and restaurant expenditures, transport and shipping costs in Turkey are about 10% cheaper compared to Iran and is very low compared to other European countries, this alone is enough reason for many citizens of other countries to migrate to Turkey.

Turkish Airlines is one of the most respected and largest airline companies in the world, as you know in respect of its respected partners in terms of aviation and airports. The largest airport in the world is Istanbul airport, which will be opened in 10 phases and the Istanbul airport, which has the largest airport parking in the world, is a unique airport with a combination of modern architecture and Ottoman style.

Istanbul, also known as Constantinople with its 2500-year-old history, is considered among the top three cities in the world in terms of tourism, which can be visited in four seasons with a much more affordable budget compared to other countries, for example, it hosted 12,5 million tourists with a historical record in 2015. In this sense, we can consider Istanbul as the cultural capital of Europe. We only know Istanbul, as a secular country, countless different dishes, a rich culture and the heart of the economy, with its touristic regions, however, Istanbul is spread over a wide area from the east to the west. It shows rapid increase in structuring towards both east and west.

The Istanbul Canal, known as the 2nd Istanbul Bosphorus, has been tendered in the west of Istanbul and it is expected to provide benefit until the end of 2023 according to the statements of the state officials and it is obvious that the property prices in these regions will increase significantly.

Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapı Palace are undoubtedly the most charming places in Istanbul, which attracts tourists.

The Bosphorus is the water sports and entertainment area of both the European and Asian sides of the old Istanbul and there are many piers in the strait of about 30 kilometers.

The Grand Bazaar is among the first choices of domestic and foreign tourists. The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, which is the oldest bazaar in the world, welcomes at least 250 thousand tourists annually.

It should be known that one of the most important meals in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, is breakfast and it can be served until 16.00 on Sunday afternoons. In Istanbul, business decisions and family meetings are held at such breakfasts and this is now becoming traditional.

The ancient history of Istanbul can be dealt with in several sections. Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey in Atatürk era. Suleiman the Magnificent period is the peak point in public improvements, art and architecture. In 1923, Turkey became  democratic and secular republic in 1923 and the monarchy was abolished by pushing it out of the political system. Today, Istanbul is an international mega city and is recognized worldwide.

Concluding remark; in the light of the above brief explanations about Istanbul, Great King Real Estate Group advises only Istanbul for your investments as investment and development are focused on this mega city.  The programs and developing events of the government of Republic of Turkey will make Istanbul the best city in Europe, perhaps the only option for immigrants to settle in the near future.