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About Us

The Big King Group, with the aim of construction in Turkey, has registered and is licensed by Turkey in various affairs in the construction industry.One of our activities and departments is selling and investing in real estate in Turkey and Istanbul metropolis.Our Group headquarters are located in the City Center building, in the European Region of Snivert-Istanbul which includes all other major departments, including the municipality, population, TAPU (Documentation and Real Estate) office in our group; hence all of your office work will be completed in with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. All of our or our contractors’ projects are ready to deliver and transfer the title deed document, and if transaction is approved and settled, all your affairs will be completed within a maximum of one week and your nationality and residence will be obtained as per related schedule. As soon as you purchase through us, you will be part of King’s big family. The corporate governance charter is based on only two principles: first, honesty and transparency in action to ensure your peace and comfort and second, satisfaction with our services. You will be easily in touch with the esteemed management, and your feedback can help us in the days ahead.All our services provided to you are included in our free shopping package and you will not pay us any fees under any heading. If you purchase over 350,000 liras, you will be a guest of our group at the best five star hotels in Istanbul for three nights.