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Advantages of Turkish passport

Great King Enterprise Services: obtaining Passport and Citizenship


  • According to the new rules of Turkey, the Turkish passport is issued within 3 months with title of deed of the property.
  • Having the right to travel to 80 countries without having to obtain a visa and traveling to Europe by obtaining an urgent visa at the entrance.
  • Owning business and employment right in public and private companies without having to get a work permit.
  • Having the right of receiving loans from all banks and private and public entities in Turkey.
  • Having the right to purchase on installments such as property, cars, and even recreational trips and restaurants like a Turk.
  • Receiving Turkey national card and having the right to receive health insurance and retirement benefits with discounts.
  • Having the right to obtain international credit card, and installment payment for all of the items purchased from all over of the world.