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Benefits of Turkish Residence

Cash buy or on installment buy of a house in Istanbul:
50% down payment will be paid on installments and the remainder will be interest free for 1 to 3 years. The ownership document is delivered at the same time as the buyer receives 50% down payment.

Important Advantages of Turkey’s Residence and Citizenship by Buying Property:

  1. Obtaining citizenship along with your family, your spouse and children of under the age of 18 at the same time..
  2. No need to declare assets: when you are applying for citizenship, there is no need to declare your current income in other countries.
  3. Returning your capital to your country. After investing for 3 years, you can convert your investment into cash and return it to your country without any currency restrictions.
  4. Visa-free travel: The issue of the liberation of Schengen visas, the purpose of which is the right to travel without a visa, which will be added after the implementation of the 26 European countries to the list of the 102 existing countries which their citizens and holders of their passport can travel freely and without visas.
  5. No need for permanent residence. Dear investors can live abroad and apply for their citizenship as soon as they receive their residence permit.
  6. Free trade with no sanctions around the world
  7. Opening international bank accounts in around the world banks.
  8. Receiving loans and facilities for the purchase of real estates, vehicles and … with very low interest rates between 1 and 4%.
  9. Living in a safe country
  10. The possibility of cheap education in Turkish universities- Turkish universities are among the most prestigious universities in the world, which are comparable to European universities.



All our services provided to you are included in our free shopping package and you will not pay us any fees under any heading. If you purchase over 350,000 liras, you will be a guest of our group at the best five star hotels in Istanbul for three nights. And if you buy and obtain a passport from King's Group, the following free services are provided for two of your family members:
  • Four nights accommodation in a five star hotel in Istanbul

  • Return ticket to Iran with the best Turkish Airlines

  • A handset and a Turk cell phone line will be given to you as a gift from the big King's group after your purchase is completed.