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Enterprise Registration and entrepreneurship in Turkey

Great King Corporate Services: Registration of a Company in Turkey.

Residence by registration of the company: type and method of company registration is a highly specialized process.

According to the law passed in February 2012, all foreign nationals can register a company and by creating jobs and entrepreneurship, can obtain the job residence, and after the registration of the company, you must insure 5 Turkish people for per foreigner person, then the blue card or a residence permit is issued, which in turn is considered as a valid residence. But those who, after obtaining a passport and obtaining citizenship, register their business and entrepreneurship, no longer need to obtain a job residence because they are already considered a Turkish citizen with all citizenship rights.

To register a limited liability company, the minimum capital of the company should be 10,000 TRY, which can be taken back from the account after the notice is printed in the official newspaper.

The minimum capital for a joint-stock company is 50,000 TRY and there need to be five partners in this type of company.According to Turkish business rules, companies need to have a transparent activity and to announce their financial reports monthly, all of which will be done by the financial advisor that our group will introduce to you. The shareholders of each company are responsible for their shares, and Iranian nationals can register a business without having to have a Turkish partner.