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Getting the Passport and citizenship right

Cash buy or on installment buy of a house in Istanbul:
50% down payment will be paid on installments and the remainder will be interest free for 1 to 3 years. The ownership document is delivered at the same time as the buyer receives 50% down payment.

The best way to get the Turkish citizenship and Passport

Considering the growing popularity of customers and buyers who are interested in buying property in Turkey at a price of over $ 250,000 and obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of property, we are asked a lot of questions regarding the buying process, for the same reason; in this section we will explain for you the details of purchasing property in Turkey step by step, in order to get the citizenship. At the time that ownership of property is prepared in your name, the Lawyer should oversee the process of mortgaging to make sure that by purchasing the property, a three years permission of Turkish citizenship on the property document is also granted. Once the process of transferring the ownership of title deed is done, your lawyer will send it to Ankara for the process to begin.

The process will be as follows:

  • The first step begins with choosing the property that you want. Note that the property should be bought from a Turkish company or a Turkish owner. According to the basic rules in this section, the money must be transferred directly from the investor’s account outside Turkey to the seller’s account inside Turkey. For some countries such as Iran for whom it is not possible to transfer money with these conditions, there is a note,. According to this note, these citizens can deposit money into their own account in Turkey through a currency exchange and then transfer it from their account inside Turkey to the bank account of the seller of the property. You usually need to stay in Turkey to be able to open an account, but a lawyer can help you open a bank account without having to stay.
  • Before your property title deed is received, an official government expert must verify your property and specify his expert price. This part of the process is very important because the property price announced by the expert must be very close to your purchase amount and it should be over $ 250,000 and at this stage the presence of a lawyer can be very helpful and this is our area of expertise.
  • At the time the title deed document is prepared in your name, the lawyer should make sure that the process of mortgaging the property document is properly executed so that by purchasing the property a three-year mortgage for obtaining Turkish citizenship is also included.
  • You will then go to the relevant business area with the lawyer and be interviewed in the Foreign Investors section and receive investor-specific residency cards. Investors residence are mentioned on these cards.
    After that, the rest of your documents, including translations of your documents, are completed by a lawyer. After about 3 to 4 months your citizenship card is received from the Turkish Population Bureau and from then on you will be a Turkish citizen.

Documents required for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

  • Birth Certificate Official translation, Justice confirmation, Foreign Ministry approval, Turkish Embassy approval
  • Translation of the Marriage Document with the approval of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and approval of the Turkish Embassy
  • The original passports, birth certificates and marriage documents
  • Photo: 6 pieces/ per person
  • Money receipt directly deposited to the manufacturer’s
  • Property tile deed for value of $250,000
  • Working Power of Attorney to a Turk lawyer for Action
  • Property Value Expertise Sheet

Time period for obtaining the Turkish citizenship

Obtaining citizenship takes between three to four months. The steps are as follows:

  • Contract with a lawyer.
  • Approval is received three to four weeks later.
  • A month later the investment residence card is obtained.
  • Maximum two months after receiving the card, the citizenship and passport card will be sent to your registered address.

Turkish passport rank

Turkey, as a powerful country in the industry and tourism, ranks thirty-ninth in the world in the passport value. Turkish passport holders can travel to 115 countries without a visa or with a visa issued at the destination airport, including Qatar and South American countries. For 44 countries, visas are issued to at the destination airport. Doing business with a Turkish passport is easy and has many commercial advantages around the world. The clothing, food, apparel and home appliance industries have something to say for themselves in the world of economics. You can get your favorite dealers and start your own lucrative business after getting your passport through King Group lawyers.

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  • Return ticket to Iran with the best Turkish Airlines

  • A handset and a Turk cell phone line will be given to you as a gift from the big King's group after your purchase is completed.