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How can I find the owner of the title deed in Turkey?

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Finding out what the owner’s name is, does not look so simple. Although nowadays, we do many of our affairs on the Internet, but it is practically impossible to make sure that the title deed is issued in whose name. In order to find the owner or owners of the title deed, it is necessary to take the title deed copy belonging to the related property to Organization for the Registration of Deeds and Real Estates in which the property is located, and inquire about it. This operation is done online. According to the statement issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Urban Development, by entering the “Piece Number” inquiry link, and entering information such as province, city, neighborhood/village, the Piece number can be inquired directly at If the correct information is entered, an image corresponding to the piece’s image will be appeared. The display of the piece number of an inquiry request is an applied program for everyone, which provides a photo of the location of that piece; it allows citizens to obtain information about the relevant location.

After obtaining information about the owner or owners of the title deed, the purchase or sale operation is again carried out through the relevant registration office. In order the purchase or sale operations to be realized, the necessary documentation must be prepared and the relevant costs paid.

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