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Turkish Tourist Accommodation

Great King Enterprise Services: Accommodation Types and Opening a Bank Account

Turkey’s tourist accommodation is considered to be the most comfortable and least expensive type of residence in this country, which can be obtained by renting a home in Turkey. Generally, the reception process is not strict, and officials have made obtaining Turkish tourist accommodation easier since the end of 2018. But at the same time, it is the most risky type of residence, because even with submitting all of the requested documents, the Migration Board may not accept your application (for obvious reasons) and as it is said to “reject” you. This depends on various conditions, including the number of requests for tourist accommodation at that time. In this type of residence, you can apply for a residence permit from 6 months to 2 years, but this does not necessarily mean that your requested time is accepted, but duration of your residence permit will be decided at the discretion of the Immigration Office. Your request may have been for two years, but your residence permit will be issued for 6 months; now, you may ask: how can you get this accommodation? Or how much does it cost? Or, many other questions that are commonly asked about Turkish tourist accommodation.