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Types of residence and bank account

Cash buy or on installment buy of a house in Istanbul:
50% down payment will be paid on installments and the remainder will be interest free for 1 to 3 years. The ownership document is delivered at the same time as the buyer receives 50% down payment.

The King’s Advisory Team will always be with you.

Types of residence:

Investment Residence:

You can obtain this type of residence through any King’s experienced attorneys for purchases of 150,000 liras (TRY)  and more, and it will be extended until the ownership of the property is in your name.

Residence by buying property:

You can obtain investment residence in Turkey and Istanbul by purchasing and owning a suite for at least 150,000 liras liras (TRY) through King Group Lawyers. Our starting prices for one bedroom apartments are 250,000 liras (TRY), and it takes three days to a week to complete your purchase process. The title deed will be finalized and your residence process will begin and you will eventually receive your residence card during 45-days to 3-month. It should be noted that this residence is valid as long as the title deed is in your name and it will be renewed annually by the Turkish government. You can obtain your residence with minimal investment and rent the unit with the lease agreement and rent the unit of your choice. This method is recommended for those who plan to invest less in Istanbul.

It should be borne in mind that the safest way for obtaining residency-not only in Turkey but in all countries around the world- will be through purchasing real estate.

Tourist Residence:

This type of residence will be available to you through a lease or company registration, but there is no guarantee of a renewal of residence obtained through lease for the coming years, but it will be more valid on company registration. The cost of this type of residence will be 15,000 liras (TRY).

Citizenship through company registration and entrepreneurship in Turkey:

The citizenship is completely a specialized process through company registration, as per the approved low 2012 all foreigners can act on obtaining the citizenship via registration of company and entrepreneurship which is different with having work residence.


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Opening a bank account:

According to banking rules and due to the strictness of opening an account for Iranians, Turkey only grants bank account to holders of a valid ownership document. Our team will then open a valid bank account after you purchase the property you are looking for, and you will receive an active bank account immediately.
This service will only be available for free if the property is purchased through our company (King).
Do not pay attention to advertisings that are just for opening a bank account, because banks in all countries will not give credit to your inaugural account unless your residency is obtained, and the account will be frozen in a short time and you will face with problems.

After buying their own home or making the investment, many friends prefer to get interest-bearing deposits. The bank deposit interest on the Turkish Bank of Agriculture is calculated on the basis of Turkish inflation and for liras (TRY)  the annual interest rate is 21.5%. For example, for every one hundred thousand liras, after tax deduction the amount of 1753 liras (TRY) will be paid. Note that the deposit of profits in Turkey is usually between 30 and 35 days. If you plan to close your deposit earlier than your due date, your losses will certainly be calculated by the bank and deducted from your original deposit. The account opened for you by the King Group will be an investment account in valid Branches, it can be in liras (TRY), USD and Euros and you can transfer funds to your account from reputable currency exchanges from all over the world. Active Mobile Bank is delivered to you by the Bank and you can automatically define and handle all your bills and payments.


All our services provided to you are included in our free shopping package and you will not pay us any fees under any heading. If you purchase over 350,000 liras, you will be a guest of our group at the best five star hotels in Istanbul for three nights. And if you buy and obtain a passport from King's Group, the following free services are provided for two of your family members:
  • Four nights accommodation in a five star hotel in Istanbul

  • Return ticket to Iran with the best Turkish Airlines

  • A handset and a Turk cell phone line will be given to you as a gift from the big King's group after your purchase is completed.